Who Should The Celtics Sign With Their Final Roster Spot?

TD Garden before Celtics playoff game

By now, we all know that the Celtics have one remaining roster spot available. The bottom line with that spot is that whoever you get, unless a trade is made, the player is ultimately going to have a very small impact. However, in my opinion, when a team becomes a title contender they need to sign veterans hungry for another shot at a ring. These can make an impact late in the year and in the playoffs. See your PJ Brown’s, James Posey’s and Eddie House’s. Originally, I wanted to sign Tony Allen. A great defender who can bring a big spark when the team needs it, but that hope disappeared when he signed with the Pelicans.

Gerald Green

First up is Gerald Green. Gerald Green is still available and is a good mentor for younger players and in my opinion is instant offense.

After watching those highlights, I actually really miss Gerald Green. I think he is a very underrated player. I mean, the guy can score and that’s a fact. The most minutes Green has ever averaged in a season was 28 with the Suns and he averaged 15 points a game while shooting 44% from the field and 40% from behind the arc. For 28 minutes a game, that’s pretty good. The thing that holds him back though I think is is decision making. When he gets hot, he seems to want to take some really bad shots, but don’t we all? Gerald Green was definitely important to last years team even though he really didn’t play that much and that makes him a possibility for this final spot once again.

Chris Bosh

With this final spot, there is only one player available that I believe could actually play meaningful minutes and make a meaningful impact. That guy is Chris Bosh. Bosh hasn’t played since the 2015-2016 season due to major health issues that have threatened his career. The Heat waived him after last season due to these health issues. Bosh has made it clear he does not want to retire though. If the Celtics were to sign him I believe its a win win scenario (pending his health, of course).

The cost to sign Bosh would easily be a one year deal for just over a million. If Bosh doesn’t play well or can’t play a lot of games, it’s no big deal, he costed you next to nothing. But, there is a huge upside to signing Bosh. Chris Bosh can play. The Celtics learned that the hard way in the playoffs multiple times.

Over his career Bosh has averaged 19 points and 6 rebounds and has become a very good three point shooter in recent years, something the Celtics desperately need. Having Bosh and Horford on the floor at the same time with their skill sets and their ability to both stretch the floor, it would give defenses a very hard time. Again, Chris Bosh’s health is the major concern here. The guy’s life could literally be on the line if he steps on the floor again, hence why he is still unsigned by any team. If, and only if doctors determine there is no risk to Bosh’s health, which there is a great chance that does not happen, it’s a no brainier for the Celtics to sign him.

Festus Ezeli

A name that is not the most exciting one ever, but could fill a need. Ezeli would be a nice edition to a back court that is fairly thin. If Aaron Baynes doesn’t produce that way the Celtics hope, Ezeli could be a good backup plan there. Festus adds somewhat of a shot blocking presence at 6’11” and can help with rebounding depth. Festus played three seasons with the Warriors and knows a thing or two about winning because of that, which could come in handy as well.

Mike Dunleavy

I’ll still never get over the fact that all the Cavs had to give up to get Kyle Korver was Mike freakin’ Dunleavy. The Celtics could’ve given up Tyler Zeller and the Hawks probably would have accepted. Regardless, Mike Dunleavy is now a free agent and he could be a decent candidate for the final roster spot.

Mike Dunleavy will not fill up the stats sheet, but as a SG/SF at 6’9″, he certainly creates match up issues for other teams. The Celtics are fairly deep at SF with Gordon Hayward, Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum, but are somewhat thin at SG, unless you play Brown there. Either way, Dunleavy adds height and another three point shooter to your team. He is not an unbelievable three point shooter, but he has shot 37% throughout his career from deep. One of the Celtics biggest weakness, if not their biggest is three point shooting, especially off the bench. Dunleavy creates match up issues as well as adding another shooter, both making him a good candidate for the final roster spot.

The Bottom Line

The Celtics have only one roster spot left and very little money available, but there are still plenty of veteran free agents that are available and would be willing to take little money in order to compete for a title. Each guy mentioned in this article offer something unique to the Celtics. None of them would probably play an abundant of minutes, but they could play a solid role later in the season the way PJ Brown and Sam Cassell did for the 2008 Celtics. However, there is a chance the Celtics do nothing with this roster spot as well, so we’ll have to wait and see. Leave a reply in the comments on whether you agree or disagree with anyone on this list and add in a player who you feel the Celtics should try and sign.

Here is a link to the list of remaining free agents left in the NBA right now.

Celtics season can’t get here soon enough.



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