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This was the worst weekend for sports so far in 2017 and it’ll end up being the worst weekend of the year when it’s all said and done.. we only have a couple more weeks to grind through until football folks.. stay tough.. also Yanks vs Red Sox to save us from being bored to death next weekend so that’s always good. However, Weekend Quick Hits will tough it out to recap three things you might’ve / probably missed this weekend while you were out drinking on the beach! 

Steph Curry golf:

The former league MVP and two time champ traded in basketball shorts and a basketball last Thursday / Friday to play in a professional golf tournament on the Web.com tour.. not much to breakdown other then just saying how absurd it is that this even happened.. I do have three questions regarding it:

1. Why was he in the tournament to begin with?

2. He shot 74-74 and beat professional golfers but didn’t make the cut…How the fuck is he so good at golf ??

3. When does he have time to practice to get that good at golf when he is arguably one of the best sharp shooters basketballs ever seen???

Think about it, he’s played basketball from October to June for the past three years! I understand guys like to play in the offseason but July-September is a short offseason to be honing the impossible craft that is golf to the point where he’s beating pros in a sport he doesn’t play consistently. Kind of outrageous to think about in my opinion.

Jay Cutler to Miami:

HAHAHAHAHAHA.. what a joke! I guess Tannehill is out for the season and the Fins just haven’t officially announced that yet. Doesn’t make much sense to commit over 10 million dollars to a loser like Cutler if Tannehill was going to be back at some point. What’s this mean in the long run? Absolutely nothing in terms of actual football. The Dolphins were going to have an awful year regardless of who’s at QB. This only matters for three reasons:

1. It prolongs this Colin Kaepernick saga because he honestly should’ve got the call before Cutler but alas the NFL is a fucked up world. Cutler was set to retire and be a broadcaster this season by all accounts so this story is even more nuts.

2. It’ll provide some comedy to all of us when Cutler does stupid things on the field.

3. It makes choosing a defense to start in fantasy football each week very easy.. because if you don’t have whoever is playing the Rams, play whoever is playing the Dolphins cause that’s multiple sacks, wo to three Ints a game from Cutler and maybe a fumble, lots of points to be had in all honesty.


Congratulations to the seven men enshrined in the Pro Football Hall of Fame this past Saturday. Those enshrined include:

Kenny Easley

Jerry Jones 

Morten Anderson 

Terrell Davis

Jason Taylor

LaDainian Tomlinson

Kurt Warner 

Nothing else to say except this is a POWERHOUSE list of names top to bottom. Hats off to those men because they’re some of the best to ever suit up. 

That’s it for this Weekends Quick Hits.. BSR is beginning to put out more blogs each week then the past and with football season right around the corner and MLB playoffs on the horizon the website is going to be putting out some excellent content so be sure to check all of it out.

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