Striking Out is Not Fun

I Need Tears

As summer is waning down the smell of football and children’s tears are in the air and by children’s tears I mean the LLWS. Now the ultimate childhood dream is to make it to Williamsport, Pennsylvania and compete to be the worlds greatest 12 year old team in the land. If anyone knows me they know I live and die for baseball and I will forever refer back to LL whenever I get the chance.
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The newest trend in Little League is sportsmanship and no crying. I CALL BULLSHIT. Listen learning to lose and accepting defeat is one thing but being fine with striking out and losing on a horse crap call by the ump at the age of 12 is not ok. You are not professionals you are kids. Show some damn emotion AND BALL YOUR EYES OUT WHILE DROPPING YOUR FIRST “FUCK”.

When you strike out looking, don’t keep your chin held high, smile and run back to the dugout. I want you to stand in the box look back at the ump if it’s his fault or if it is yours call yourself a “fucking idiot” and punch yourself in the thigh as tears start pouring down your face. That proves to me you want to succeed and you’re sick of being a loser and not getting an 8th grader when you’re in 6th.

Now I’m not just some bum sitting behind the computer without any teary eyed LL stories. My 9 year old year we lost 1 game all year and there was not a single dry eye on that team, know why? Because we were a bunch of winners. We were all hungry to never experience that heartache again and we didn’t as we won the ship. The following year in Majors, the boys of Cold Spring and I went 30-2 while winning it all. We were winners and we did not high 5 our opponents went they took us deep. WE WERE BLOOD THIRSTY CRYING COMPETITORS.
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Moral of the story; get pissed off, cry on national television, stop high 5ing your competitor and make ever lasting memories while winning because the people that tell you winning isn’t everything are LOSERS and have never won anything.

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