Rick Porcello should start Game 2 in the ALDS

The 2016 AL Cy Young winner, Rick Porcello has had a season to forget in 2017. He has had a roller coaster type season this year, but he has shown flashes of what he was last year.

I recently wrote an article with my opinion of who should be the Game 3 starter. David Price has now solidified his spot in the bullpen for the postseason. Doug Fister has had two rough starts that show he could be in the bullpen come October. Hold that though Carrabis:

Last Two

With Fister and Price out as postseason starters, Eduardo Rodriguez and Rick Porcello are the last two starters available. Neither have been great this year, but are their really any other options?

Pomeranz Game 2 – Not so fast

Drew Pomeranz has had a stellar season and he is tied with Chris Sale and Corey Kluber with 16 wins this season. Pomeranz is 16-5 with a 3.15 ERA having the best year of his career by far.

The way the playoffs are shaping up, it seems that the Red Sox will have the #3 seed. Granted that they hold on to their AL East lead. The Sox sit 5.5 games behind the 2nd place Astros, and catching them for home field advantage seems like a long shot. With the three seed, the Red Sox will likely travel to Houston for the first two ALDS games.

If Rick Porcello is elected the Game 3 starter, John Farrell might as well start him for Game 2. Reason why is because Porcello has been far better on the road this season than at home.


13 GS, 4-6, 3.43 ERA, 2 Complete Games, 86.2 IP, 33 ER allowed, 17 HR allowed, .259 opp batting average


18 GS, 6-11, 5.30 ERA, 0 Complete Games, 107 IP, 63 ER allowed, 18 HR allowed, .306 opp batting average

Worth a shot

If Farrell will roll the dice with starting Porcello in Game 3, he might as well give him the Game 2 nod. His road numbers this season aren’t great, but they are far better than his numbers at Fenway Park in 2017.

Last two road starts: 

2-0, 14 IP, 1 ER, 11 H, 1 HR, 2 BB, 10 SO

Last two home starts:

0-2, 10.1 IP, 9 ER, 15 H, 3 HR, 4 BB, 7 SO


The last reason why Porcello should start Game 2 and Pomeranz Game 3, Big Smooth has better numbers at home this season:


15 GS, 9-2, 3.13 ERA, 81 IP, 28 ER allowed, .241 opp batting average


14 GS, 7-3, 3.19 ERA, 84.2 IP, 30 ER allowed, .255 opp batting average

Porcello has one more start this season at home and on the road. Pomeranz has two more starts, both at home. How these guys perform could really affect who backs up Chris Sale in the playoffs. Houston would be a tough match-up, as the Astros second starter will most likely be Justin Verlander. Going back home tied 1-1 would benefit Boston if Drew Pomeranz would get the Game 3 start.


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