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In lieu of last night’s banner dropping over the green monster by a bunch of fruit cake weirdos that kiss their cousins, I need it to be clear (unlike the banner message) that politics needs to stay out of sports. I don’t care who you voted for, what you look like, who you love or what God(s) you belief/ don’t believe in. If you can play, then I want you out on that field getting W’s for my team. Same goes for regular life, if you’re a positive asset then who gives a shit that you’re different.

That being said, the sign that read; “Racism is as American as baseball” is the most confusing sentence I’ve ever read. At the time I figured it was a redneck nazi loving freak saying racism is cool but after doing some grade journalism and looking it up I have learned antifa Boston, an anti-racism group took credit. They later came out with a video claiming that baseball is only a white sport and very few minorities are involved….WHAT??? I think Rusney Castillo and Daisuke’s personal servant’s can vouch against that idiotic claim. Very strange situation all around. So please cut the shit.

The Red Sox are in first place in the East, in the midst of trying to close out the season and have some issues they need to work out. So please don’t distract my friends of the Sox with the countries issues that need to be addressed just not September in the middle of a playoff hunt. While we’re at it don’t distract the Patriots, Celtics or B’s too. Thanks.

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