Patriots Replacing Gillette Stadium Turf After Losing Home Opener

The Patriots are set to defend their title and win their sixth Super Bowl

ESPN’s Mike Reiss is reporting that the New England Patriots are replacing the turf of Gillette Stadium. This decision comes off the heels of a 42-27 loss to the Kansas City Chiefs on Thursday.

The current Patriots turf was installed in May of this year and met all safety standards of both Major League Soccer and the NFL. However, Mike Reiss states that the turf is not meeting team standards. Last season, there were many reports that kickers were not happy with the turf. Stephen Gostowski was horrible last season and he was one of the kickers who was unhappy with the turf. Obviously, we have no idea what the team expects from it’s turf, but apparently this current turf does not meet these standards. It’s a fair assumption that losing does not meet team standards, therefore, you blame it on the turf. You lose your first game on the new turf? Just change it, it will fix all your problems!

Remember 2006?

This isn’t the first time the Patriots are changing their playing surface in Gillette Stadium. If you remember, they did the same exact thing back in 2006 when they lost 17-14 to the Jets on a rain filled week 10 in Foxboro. Up until that point, the field at Gillette had been natural grass, but immediately following that loss it was torn up and replaced with a turf field. For what’s its worth, the Patriots were 4-0 including playoffs that season at Gillette after that switch was made.

Too Soft?

Mike Reiss also has reported that multiple players have complained about the stadium field over the last month. The complaints stated that the field was too soft. A field being too soft could potentially lead to more injuries than a field that is harder. Could this new field be the reason Julian Edelman was injured in the pre season? It’s hard to say, but there is a possibility.

Changing The Turf Won’t Fix The Pats Problems

Although it may have worked in 2006, it’s going to take a lot more than changing the turf on the field at Gillette to fix the problems this team had out there on Thursday. The Patriots were bad all around, especially in the second half. The Patriots are generally great at making adjustments to help this team improve and win, maybe changing the turf is just another adjustment from the genius, Bill Belichick.

The new turf will be installed before the Patriots next home game which is September 24th against the Houston Texans.

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