Patriots Bring Joy to a Not so Special Kid

Tom Brady running offense at line of scrimmage

Surprise, I am the kid

All of you loyal everyday readers know me as a baseball guy but I also happen to be a very, very big New England Patriots football guy. I’m a guy’s guy. No one in my life has ever brought me more joy than Thomas Edward Patrick Brady the GOAT and Bill Belichick and I love you to my future wife (if I ever have one) [sup hotties] but I doubt she will bring as much joy.

In my life Brady and Bill have taught me more valuable life lessons than almost anyone outside of my family. They lead by example, have taught me to never settle for anything less than the best, and to always have a chip on my shoulder.
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As a Patriots football junkie, Tom and Bill are not the only ones that have brought me great joy. From the beginning it was always Tedy Bruschi playing hurt nearly his whole career, Kevin Faulk doing his job and knowing his role, Ty Law and Lawyer Milloy terrorizing qb’s, then Rodney Harrison sending wr’s into retirement, Richard Seymour proving his worth, Hightower now rocking 54 with pride and proving me wrong. Along with all the studs, the guys such as Dan Klecko, Matthew Slater, Nate Ebner, Heath Evans, James Devlin, have taught me that everyone is valuable in their own way and make a team what they are with their intangibles.
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The Patriot Way

Four guys that come to mind when I think about the Patriot way and will always mean the world to me are Rob Ninkovich, Legarrette Blount, Julian Edelman, and Troy Brown. Nink was cut 4x his rookie year but NOT once did he give up or give in. He kept at it and adjusted his game to work in the Patriots defense and stick to shutting down the outside run. Nink solidified his identity with the Pats organization. Blount is the ultimate example of buying into the system. A troubled youngin comes into the system and immediately figures his shit out. Leaves to go to Pitt again and gets in trouble again, mid season comes back and is a straight A student again. Jules and Troy Brown are literally the same guy. Both absolute studs who played both sides of the ball, emergency quarterbacks, PR & KR and Brady’s favorite target. They took mean hits but kept going. They’re team guys who love to win. All four bought in and it paid off.
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There isn’t a time I’m watching football where I am not screaming at the top of my lungs and it is all thanks to my loves in New England. That being said; FOOTBALL IS BACK BABY!!!


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