The NFL Protests Are A Good Thing For America And Here’s Why

The NFL protests are a good thing for this country

In case you need a refresher, here is what has gone down over the past week.

Everybody has their own thoughts and opinions on the NFL protests and whether it is justified or not. One side feels it is disrespectful to the flag, our military and our country. The other feels they are standing up for what they believe in which is social justice. They both share the same goal, making America better.


Despite what you might think, these NFL protests are a great thing for this country. The protests are a great thing for this country because the NFL is coming together as one and showing the entire country what unity is. Unity does not mean every single person needs to think the same way. Unity means the guy next to you might have a completely different opinion, but you respect it and you continue to love that person and fight alongside them and work to accomplish a common goal. This is why I believe the NFL is doing something really good here. Not every single NFL player feels the same exact way about this issue. Some guys stand during the anthem, some guys kneel and some guys stay in the locker room. Regardless of what action or opinion the players have, they respect each other and go out there and try to win a football game for each other.

Obviously, we have no idea what happens behind the scenes, but if there were major issues in the locker rooms, we would hear about it. At the end of the day, regardless of their opinions on the matter, they respect each other and are fighting for the same goal in winning that game they will play for the next 60 minutes. When that game is completed, they will go to practice the next day and get ready to do it all again next week. The NFL shows you what real unity is.

Setting An Example

The NFL right now a setting a great example for the rest of America. The NFL players can have their own opinions while working towards the same goal. America needs to learn to respect the opinions of the person next to them and realize we are all fighting for the same goal, a better America. If you want to live somewhere where everyone has the same thoughts and opinions as you, go live in North Korea for a while and let us know how that works out. This country was built off of free speech, free thoughts and free opinions. Not everyone has to agree with you and you should certainly respect that they don’t.

The Bottom Line

If this country wants to stop all the hate, violence and social injustice, the country needs to realize we are all fighting for the same goal. Because, at the end of the day, that is what we are doing, trying to make America better. The issue is, everyone has a different vision on how that America looks. It is obviously much easier said than done, but if we can learn to respect the different opinions of others, we will be working together as one to make America better than it was yesterday.

The NFL is showing you that this is possible. Take notes from what they are doing. You can disagree with someone, and still love and respect them, all while you fight for the same goal.

God Bless America. 

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