Who would make up the MONSTARS in Space Jam 2?


We all know the movie that premiered 21 years ago and featured the most popular athlete in the world: Michael Jordan. Space Jam was a box office hit in 1996, and it was centralized on MJ making a return to the NBA after a 2-year minor league baseball stint.


The past couple of years there have been rumblings of a possible sequel from the original film. The proposed star of the sequel would be LeBron James, arguably the second best player to ever play in the NBA behind, of course, Michael Jordan. Blake Griffins name was also tossed around as the possible star of the film who would try and help the Looney Tunes gang defeat the MONSTARS.


Let’s talk about this team for a second. We know that they were tiny alien creatures who stole talent from five NBA stars and also somehow grew to be about 15 feet tall. Well, except for the one who stole Muggsy Bogues’ talent, he still stayed at 5 foot 3 inches. The five guys who had their talents stolen had very small roles in the film. But in real life, they were pretty popular athletes.

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Muggsy Bogues –Bogues is the shortest player to ever play in the NBA, as he barely gets in this picture. His quickness and athleticism made him a pest on defense.

Larry Johnson – (left) Johnson was Bogues teammate in Charlotte. A dominant presence, he was a 2x all-star and NBA Rookie of the Year in 1992.

Charles Barkley- Barkley was unique for this film due to his utter disregard for what he said to media and his personality on and off the court. I am sure he insisted to be in this film.

Patrick Ewing- A dominant player in the 80s and 90s, Ewing is the greatest New York Knick of all time, and also one of the best centers to ever play the game.

Shawn Bradley- I mean, if you’re going to have the shortest guy, might as well have one of the tallest, Bradley was a 7-6 giant who was unfortunately best known for getting dunked on.


As I previously mentioned, the MONSTARS did not have a big role in the film as there actual human selves. When they were giant aliens, they were just bullies. Not all of those guys mentioned above were bullies, and I am just barely old enough to have watched them play toward the end of their careers. Thank God for YouTube. When I was coming up with the team, I did not want them to be an exact replica of the players above, but I had to have a few comparisons. I also wanted to make sure to have a mix of personalities such as the original MONSTARS had.

Isaiah Thomas (Muggsy Bogues)

It’s a Boston sports blog, I got to have one Celtics player. And who better than “THE LITTLE GUY”. He had a phenomonal year finishing top 5 in MVP voting and is becoming more and more popular with the NBA fan base outside of the city of Boston.

Kawhi Leonard (Larry Johnson)

This guy is so quiet, but he is such a beast on the court. Certainly different than Larry Johnson’s playing style, but he is now becoming, if already not, the face of the San Antonio Spurs franchise.

Draymond Green (Charles Barkley)

Like Charles, Draymond says whatever he wants. A lot of NBA fans hate him, and all the Warriors fan love him. The comment about LeBron starting the super team would make this better because he would go against him in the movie. I hate this guy though, but I am sure he would insist on being in the film. Maybe he can kick Bugs Bunny in the nuts to steal the ball from him.

DeAndre Jordan (Patrick Ewing)

All he does is dunk. But he is a great personality who would be great in a film. Over the past years he has been seen in commercials with Chris Paul. He is very popular with other NBA players as well.

Giannis Antetokounmpo (Shawn Bradley)

Tall, lanky, and quiet. Those are probably all of the comparisons for these two. But he is a big attraction due to his vast improvement and MVP hopes for the upcoming season. Giannis would be great as it would give the team more variety with an international player in the film.



When a sequel is made for a film, some things are the same, and some are different. The plot of the original Space Jam worked because Michael Jordan’s baseball career had just ended. So it was an easy focal point. LeBron, on the other hand, is not retired, is still as dominant as ever, and is not going to play another sport anytime soon.  I guess one plot idea would be that Dan Gilbert seeks the MONSTARS to play LeBron. If they win, he has to stay in Cleveland and not test free agency. I am sure film writers would find a way to make it work. Also, for a bigger appeal, I think the MONSTARS may have more speaking roles. Their personalities could also match that of the players whose talents they stole.




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