Kyrie Irving: A Living Legend

Kyrie Irving has requested a trade from the Cavs

No Time for Stories

Stephen A Smith and Max Kellerman are two of the biggest trolls in the sports media industry, hence why they have a show that consists of them throwing out the most obscure takes of all time just to get a reaction out of people. So earlier today Kyrie went on their show as a guest. While on the show Stephen A asked him why he didn’t talk to Lebron about leaving and Kyrie simply answered “why would I have to?” Then when Max was getting all excited saying Kyrie doesn’t care, Irving pretty much tells Max to stfu and that he, Max, cares way too much about what another man is doing.

Going into this Kyrie knew these clowns have an agenda and want to flip his words into a big story because that’s what they do, make something out of nothing. The way he handled himself was flat out impressive. He is definitely going to fit in well in Boston. Hopefully he shuts everyone up and makes people stop bringing Lebron up.

Here are some clips

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