John Farrell is the reason I drink

Red Sox Manager John Farrell

Bullpen Usage

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I do not claim to be a savant but I do like to consider myself a pretty decent in game manager that knows situations and how to work with them, an area where Farrell seems to lack IQ in. So someone explain to me why if you pull your starting pitcher early, 4.1, in September ,nonetheless; WHY ON EARTH WOULD YOU THROW YOUR WHOLE BULLPEN???

Here is how it played out for those of you who are actually enjoying your labor day weekend, Sale gets yanked in the 5th with one out, in comes Kelly for 1, Robby Scott for 2 batters without getting an out, Reed for 1/3rd, then Barnes for a 1/3rd THEN HEMBREE AND BOYER.

So here is what is so wrong with what I just listed and sadly had to watch. Sale comes out early, I have no problem with that. He wasn’t on, could be tired, there are more important games- good take him out. Bringing in Kelly didn’t really bother me that much either, until he was taken out after only getting 3 outs. Why bring in a guy in the 5th who truly can give you multiple solid innings if you plan on not letting him take you to the 7th? Why not put in Hembree in that spot to, AT THE LEAST, eat up innings to save the arms of the pitchers that will be crucial to get the team to October and hopefully through October?

We’ll look past using Kelly instead of Hembree and focus on who came after Robby Scott, none other than Addison Reed. Yes, the 8th inning man Reed. Johnny Boy, WHY THE HELL ARE YOU USING HIM IN THE 6TH INNING??? The whole 8th inning man role seems to be a bigger mystery than how many licks it takes to get the center of a totsie roll pop. The man in charge of the 8th inning always changes, he isn’t always used in the 8th (case in point), and/or they seem to work themselves up. It is an absolute disaster.
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Well I’ll tell you what I and any decent in game manager would have done. So you take Sale out in the 5th with 1 out with the score still 3-1 and still in reaching distance. I throw in Heath Hembree for 1.1 innings then Blaine Boyer for 2 outs that brings us to the 7th hopefully and more probable than not, we won’t be trailing by 8 and the game is still in reaching distance. Once the 7th rolls around then bring in Kelly for say 2/3rds which will probably bring them to a lefty which means Farrell would want the LHH/LHP matchup because he thinks it works everytime (don’t tell him it doesn’t) so Scott would come in. Bada Bing, Bada Boom. Sox take the lead in the 8th. Reed for the bottom half, Dirty Craig in the 9th. Ballgame. I go to bed only crying because I’m lonely, not lonely and heartbroken. Thanks a lot John Farrell, you ruin everything for me.


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