Jimmy Hayes Teaches Price a Lesson

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Unknowlingy, or maybe he did actually know, Jimmy Hayes (formerly of the Bruins but always a Boston kid) taught David Price a lesson on how to man up.

Michael Felger of the Boston Sports Hub today shared

how over the weekend in Nantucket a big man (Jimmy Hayes) approached him, handed him a full beer, asked Felger if he knew who he was and Felger replied Jimmy Hayes knowing he was gonna be confronted. And that's exactly what happened. Felger took the wrath of Hayes as he rightfully deserved and Hayes did it in a professional manner where people would not have even heard about it if Felger didn't tell the story today.

Listen, I am not saying Price and Hayes are on the same talent level but that shouldn't matter. Pressure is still going to build up and people will come after you if you don't preform, that's Boston for you. But Jimmy Hayes proved that hockey players are the epitome of what a role model is, at all times. Don't make it about you or draw attention to yourself. Shit, Jimmy even bought Felger, an all time douche, a beer before reeming him out.  That's how it is done ladies and gents.

Ps. I know Hayes isn't on the Bruins anymore but it's still gonna be under the Bruins category like it or not.

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