Jaylen Brown Shines In Africa Game

Jaylen Brown poses for a picture with teammates after the NBA Africa Game 2017

Jaylen Brown continues to put on a display this summer and is showing us that his potential is sky high. We already got excited about the improvements Jaylen made in the NBA Summer League just a month ago, but he has once again shown us what he is capable of.

Making An Impact

In 24 minutes of play on Saturday, Jaylen scored a team high 15 points on 6-10 shooting (1-3 from behind the arc), to go along with 2 steals, 3 rebounds, 3 assists and another team high 5 blocks. Jaylen clearly made his impact felt in this game all the way around and to be the stat of the show playing with guys like Kristaps Porzingis, Demarcus Cousins, Kyle Lowry, Kemba Walker and CJ McCollum, is special for the young player.

If you missed it, take a look at Jaylen Brown’s highlights from Saturday.


For me, the best part about Jaylen this summer is the confidence he is showing. For a soon to second year guy, he is showing the confidence of a veteran. A lot of players in Jaylen’s situation Saturday playing with the stars that he did would take a backseat to those guys, but Jaylen feels he’s just as good and is starting to make a name for himself this summer. We saw flashes of Jaylen playing great last season and I think this year he is going to be a stud. A future all star and who knows what else.

Everything about this move was just sick. The handles were tight and fast, the acceleration was deadly and the finish, the stupid. The way he controled himself in the air and got that shot off with such soft touch was almost something Kobe would do…or dare I say…Michael.

No, Jaylen is not Michael, but both layups were sick and the ceiling is the roof for Jaylen Brown.

Although he didn’t make this dunk, I love the confidence Jaylen shows in that he will try to dunk on every single person around him.

He nearly finished it, but this is stuff he tried a lot last year and is great because he will either get an and-1 or two free throws. Plays like that can be momentum changers in games, especially at the Garden.

Jaylen finally put the cherry on top on the final play of the game, leaving his mark for good.

That windmill was ferocious. Can we please get him in next year’s dunk contest please?

The Season Can’t Come Soon Enough

Jaylen Brown has been making his presence felt this summer and is giving Celtics fans a lot to be excited about. His potential is sky high and he could be a massive part of the Celtics success this upcoming season and into the future.

I cannot wait for the season to start, but for now I’ll just keep watching highlights.

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