Bruins Weekly Recap: Welcome!

The Boston Bruins raise the 2011 Stanley Cup Champions banner


Welcome to the Bruins weekly recap / season preview blog. It’s not really a secret that the Bruins are the least popular sports team in Boston and I personally feel that’s gone on long enough. Sure the Bruins haven’t won as much in the last 15 years as either of the other 3 Boston sports teams, but pound for pound they’ve been just as good / relevant over the last 8 years as any of them. The unfortunate thing about the Bruins right now is that they lack the splash factor that the Celtics and Red Sox produce from themselves every off season with major free agent signings. And they currently lack the championship pedigree that the Patriots have locked up.

The Bruins core is for the most part under contract for the better part of the next 5 years and continues to grow with the talent they’ve cultivated through the draft and minors. However they’re overlooked by the city because they don’t make waves like the Celtics did for example by bringing in Gordon Hayward.

Overall there is a lot to look forward to, but alternatively a lot of problems with this team on an organization and personnel level. One thing I’d like to make very clear and I speak for everyone who writes for this site on his topic; there will be ZERO Tuukka Rask bashing, trade hysteria, or any of that crap. The guy is a bonafide stud in the net. He’s a top 5 goalie in the league and maybe the best goalie to ever wear the spoked B so I just want to voice that opinion off the jump. People in the Boston media landscape that hate Tuukka and want him traded are nuts and do it for the eyeballs and attention only..***cough cough.. Mike Felger***

Like I mentioned, this is a new weekly roundup, recap, preview whatever you want to call it that will be up on the site every Thursday so make sure to look out for that.

Obviously it’s the end of July so the preseason is still quite a ways away still, but be on the look out for some cool stuff looking back on past championship teams, breakdowns on specific players currently on the team and a look into the future.

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