Dougie Fists the Tribe


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I’m sure you’ve all been wondering where I have been so I’ll share with you you faithful beings that I have been suffering from a real debilitating diagnosis called writers block so buzz off. Anywho, I have toughed it out and I’m back…for now. I mostly have Doug Fister to thank for helping me out of my funk. In case you missed it, Dougie Fresh Fister threw a complete game 1 hitter against the Indians last night. The only hit happened to be a leadoff homer from Lindor. Other than that, he was LOCKED in. He is our 5th starter too. Definitely nothing to complain about if you ask me. All you can ask from the 5th starter is to get you 5 innings and giving up 3-4. BUT THIS! Talk up about coming up clutch considering the previous night the bullpen choked big time and now with Sale going tonight, a series split looks very attainable.

Team Effort

Along with Dougie’s performance, we can’t overlook the double from Benintendi, solo shot from JBJ while also scoring from first on the Nunez double while busting his thumb on a crappy slide that will put him on the 10 day DL, Nunez 5 ribbies in the leadoff spot and Devers going O-fer.

Tendi has been hotter than the sun in recent weeks which makes me believe that he really can win AL ROY even with Judge hitting nearly 40 bombs. The kid has been CLUTCH, a factor that definitely gets over looked. The reason I say clutch is because of when he is doing all of this. Judge went off in the 1st half of the season. Tendi on the other hand, is doing all of this in the dog days of August and in key games, ESPECIALLY, against the Yanks. While hitting nearly 20 more homers than Benny Biceps, A-aron only has 10 more ribbies and the Sox are winning at an exceptional clip.
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JBJ was another one as hot as a Puerto Rican picnic. The guy doesn’t just do it with his glove but now with his bat. Not just his bat but his legs too! The guy does it ALL. ¬†Unfortunately as of today, my good friend, Jackie is on the 10 day DL with what, I believe, is a sprained thumb. Luckily, he will be back just in time to get back in a rhythm to get hot for the playoffs!
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Eduardo and Devers I can lump into 1. ¬†Both of them are the reason the scorching Sox are first in the East and nearly 20 games over .500. They have brought back the youthful, fun loving presence that they were missing and forgetting that they are. Nunez brought back the spark and Devers that playfulness while also crushing it. Nunez allows the Sox to have options with Pedroia while simultaneously producing offensively. Devers brings the playfulness that the boys of summer lost for a little bit. But don’t fret they recaptured that and aren’t gonna look back. Raffy has been struggling a bit but what do you expect from a kid that hasn’t shaved yet. When all is said and done for the regular season the boys will head into the fall classic healthy, young and hungry!
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I am very excited for what is to come! Sox are hot and so are chicks. sup

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