Who Does Doug Fister Remind You Of?

Call Him Doug Lowe

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I don’t know if it is just me (and my dad) but Doug Fister reminds me an awful lot of Derek Lowe. Especially in his last 3 starts.
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Listen, Derek Lowe is one of the most underrated pitchers in Red Sox history and pivotal in helping the Red Sox win the ’04 world series. In fact, he won ever series clinching game in the ’04 playoffs #Clutch. I could talk for days about my boy DLowe but this is 2017, so our new version is Dougie Fresh Fister.

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Both Derek and Doug stand tall in stature, 6′ 6″ & 6′ 8″ respectively while both possessing a fastball that bites. Neither pitcher throws all that hard but they rely on hitting spots and, quite frankly, their size as well. As the playoffs come around, JF has the tough decision to make on whether to keep ERod in the rotation or Fister and since Doug has the postseason experience and ERod hasn’t won a game since May 26th, I believe Doug should get the nod.

But if need be, Doug will come out of the pen much like DLowe and most likely be pretty darn good. One reason he does so well is that he does not give the batters time to think what is going to come next much like Sale. Obviously he is not the greatest pitcher in the league (Sale) but he’s not doing too shabby considering he barely pitched this year prior to coming to the Sox. Fister’s versatility and his, for lack of better words, balls will land him on the postseason roster, if not starting rotation.


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