David Pastrnak Signs 6 Year Deal With Bruins

David Pastrnak signs with Bruins


David Pastrnak will be a Bruin this season and for seasons to come god willing! Don Sweeney is a GM who is all over the road, I wouldn’t say he’s a good one but not a bad one either, he’s just super unpredictable so I’m not sure if I want to congratulate him on this. However congrats to Bruins fans, I know for a lot of us this might’ve been the straw that broke the camels back with this team in regards to dealing with young super stars.

The only thing that matters is that Pasta will be at camp and in the spoked B this year. This has got me JUICED up for the season. We’ve all been eye balls deep in football the last 3 weeks but my god I need hockey now.

The idiot GMs and marginal young players around the league tried to fuck this up for the Bruins and especially their fans! Pasta is a 6-7 million dollar a year guy right now! Not 8 plus! So the fact that the market almost drove his price up to the point where a deal was in jeoprady had me shook for weeks!

Thankfully it’s done, there isn’t much more to say except that the pressure is on for Pasta now. He’s no longer the young flashy 18 year old European goofball. He’s gotta be a scoring machine for this team or the narrative with him we’ll turn from love to disapproval very quickly in Boston.

Next up, the Bruins try and fuck up Charlie McAvoy and his contract situation since he’s burned a pro year off his contract by playing in the playoffs last season! Can’t wait for that one, because the Bruins could sure use Dougie Hamilton right now.

Stay tuned for more hockey content from BSR with camp starting soon and the preseason and season right around the corner.

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