Celtics Miss On Larry Sanders As He Chooses Cavs

Another free agent chooses the Cavaliers. I have no idea what impact Larry Sanders will have on the Cavs since he hasn’t played in a few years, but honestly this move is just annoying. Every time a player is rumored to be joining  the Celtics it doesn’t happen, and the worst part is the last two have gone to the Cavs.

Andrew Bogut was first when he choose Cleveland after he was bought out. However, his stint with the team was short lived after he broke his tibia in his first minute of playing time with the team.

With Bogut’s injury, it allowed the Cavaliers to go after Sanders and sign him. If Sanders plays well he could really help the struggling Cavs right now who are in danger of losing their number 1 seed to either the Celtics or Wizards, who are both right on their tale.

We’ll have to wait and see the impact Sanders makes, but it is a shame the Celtics missed out on signing another great rebounder. Regardless, if the Celtics continue to play like they did yesterday against the Bulls, they’ll be just fine going forward.

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