Bruins Weekly Recap: 4

This is a big year for David Pasternak

This is a big year for David Pastrnak

Why is this you might ask? Well folks, David Pastrnak is a shining star on this team, a bolt of lightning if you will. The Bruins have for the longest time been one of those teams that prides themselves on be a collection of star players. They’ve lived by this philosophy that a core of players such as Rask, Bergy, Krejci, and Chara is the way the organization should be run. For the most part I agree. However, teams that just rely on a core of players in this era of the NHL don’t tend to compete into late May / early June.

After the Bruins won the Cup in 2011 the NHL changed, but the team did not. Like I’ve said though that’s fine, it doesn’t matter to me because I like the way the team is built. Except the game changed to a quicker, more explosive, stick handling, scoring league and it moved away from the grind it out, in your face smash mouth hockey phase it went through in the late 2000’s. 

The NHL is a league where teams with SUPERSTARS succeed at the highest level. That’s just a fact.. The Kings had Johnathon Quick for their cups, he’s a superstar. Chicago had Kane AND Toews, they’re both superstars. We all know who Pittsburgh has had for their 3 in the last 10 years. 

The point is David Pastrnak is a budding superstar. Reports back in July were that the team plans to offer the RFA 6 million a year. The Bruins NEED to pay that man his money. He’s a top 5 player under 22 in the league. In my opinion he’s up there with Matthews, Marner, Laine, etc, etc.. (McDavid is in a class of his own for the record).

Pasta had a career year last year with 70 points (34 goals, 36 assists) and he needs to have another one this year. The Bruins can not continue to waste the prime years of Bergy, Marchand and Rask.. it makes me sick that they have been since 2013 more or less. 

Next week we dive into Charlie McAvoy and the expectations we should have for this incredible talent on the back end. See you then.

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