Bruins Weekly Recap: 3

A Boston Bruins flag makes its way through the crowd

Welcome back to week three of the Bruins Weekly Recap. My god the summer is crawling by and hockey seems like a year away, but thankfully camp will be here soon enough.

The topic this week since there isn’t anything to recap really is Zdeno Chara.

All you people out there that listen up, the disrespect for the captain needs to end. This is a different scenario than the bullshit that happens when Tuukka Rask’s name gets brought up around Boston Media all together. Chara has for a long time been beloved but as of the last two seasons people have turned on him completely and it makes me sick. I try not to have the asinine, tone deaf view that some people choose to have in regards to the current players on the roster. I take every player for what they are, what they will be but also for what they’ve been.

Zdeno Chara is the single most important Bruin in the last 15 years and that is kind of undebatable. You could make a case for Bergy but honestly it’s Chara and to me it’s not even close. He brought this team back to relevance after some dark years but people tend to forget that.

As I mentioned i’m not trying to make this more than something it is. His play has been on the decline since 2013 and thats not arguable, I get that. Big Z is a locker room presence and still a force on the back end. The additions of Carlo and McAvoy we’ll thankfully take some of the weight off his shoulders this season and veterans like Krug, and Miller will need to step up and kill penalties. The point is if you think Z shouldn’t be a part of this years team or shouldn’t be captain this year you’re an idiot. He does not need to be out there 25 minutes a game and killing every penalty, the guy is 40 years old for fucks sake. He’s still got the hardest shot in the league and silky smooth mitts for a guy who shouldn’t and he’ll put those to use on the power play like he always does.

There are much bigger problems to worry about with this team that people should focus their energy on. Back up goalie, blue line depth and secondary scoring are the glaring issues. Leadership and veteran presence are not issues and have not been for a long time on this team. Also, with the first full season under head coach Bruce Cassidy barreling toward us it’s an exciting time for this team. After Cassidy came in back in February it’s not hard to see the impact he had on this team. Nothing like a little north / south fast paced hockey with flowing offense and an actual game plan each game. Love that shit.

Thank god for interesting baseball games and Patriots camp because the dog days of summer in the hockey world suck.

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