Bruins Weekly Recap: 2

Ryan Spooner agrees to one year deal with the Boston Bruins

Welcome back to the Bruins weekly recap. Like I said last week I’m well aware that it’s the middle of the summer and that no one in Boston gives a shit about the Bruins right now but try and tell that to my face because besides football the Boston Bruins are all that runs through my bald head.

First up this week we had the Bruins avoid arbitration and sign Ryan Spooner to a one year deal worth just under 3 million dollars. He’ll now become a RFA next summer… Where do I begin here? Ummm how about fuck Ryan Spooner. Last week I made it explicitly clear that Tuukka Rask bashing is off limits but boy is that not the case for Ryan Spooner. First of all he should not have been protected in the expansion draft. I still do not understand how Don Sweeny let Colin Miller just walk off the team less the 2 years after acquiring the hard shooting d-man from San Jose but that’s not what I’m here to complain about. Ryan Spooner is not an asset to this team in anyway in my opinion and this is not a new thought in my head. I have not liked this guy since day one and it is really based solely off his play because from what I can gather he’s probably a nice guy. My long standing problem with Spooner is that he disappears for half the season. That’s not hyperbole folks, he literally played in 78 games and averaged half a point a game. Imagine if he showed up more consistently for a third line guy who gets top 6 time and a shit ton of PP time? The benefit of added production from depth players is what he Bruins have lacked since 2011. He does not win faceoffs, kill penalties well or play defense well at all. I’m not asking that he be Bergy or Krejci but he’s got to show more this seasonl. Right now he’s a bottom 6 forward again this year and he better watch his neck because he’s an old man by “young player” standards. Spooner is 25 but there are guys that are years younger and much more prolific on this team that better get his minutes on the Power Play if he can’t produce consistently.

Also I just wanted to mention that Tuukka, Pasta and Krug are out in China right now. Good for the Bruins growing the game. Hockey is a North American and European game for the most part and that’s never going to change really but I’m glad to see some of the boys over in China spreading the game. Not to continue with the negative rhetoric but if that idiot Gary Bettman and the NHL owners don’t let the NHL guys go play in the Winter Olympics next winter then whats the point of wasting time and money trying to grow the game in Asia.

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