Panda. Panda. Panda

Pablo Sandoval on pace for 162 errors. Is it too early to be worried about Sandoval? The guy is on pace to record the most amount of errors in the history of mankind, granted it has only been two games. Last game after he made his error he seemed nervous for the ball to be […]

Fenway Park

Chris Sale future World Series MVP

Give us the title now. Chris. Freaking. Sale. The man is not human. He comes to the hardest city in the world to pitch in, all the hype in the world, pitching in 40 degree brisk air and DOMINATES with a final line of 7IP 3H 0R then walks off to a joyous standing O […]

Fenway Park

Red Sox Road To 162-0

  Baseball is back baby, and for Red Sox fans, the only words you’d rather hear are “it’s not yours”. Red Sox baseball holds a special place is most New Englanders hearts, the same hearts that have been broken time and time again only to fully heal just in time for first pitch every year. […]