Striking Out is Not Fun

I Need Tears As summer is waning down the smell of football and children’s tears are in the air and by children’s tears I mean the LLWS. Now the ultimate childhood dream is to make it to Williamsport, Pennsylvania and compete to be the worlds greatest 12 year old team in the land. If anyone […]

Next Step, Cooperstown

Adrian The Great Embed from Getty Images In case you live under a rock, Adrian Beltre of the Texas Rangers and formerly Boston Red Sox; recorded his 3,000th career hit to officially solidify his legacy. As spring training was being played out, this was a very hot topic. Everyone always seemed to touch on how […]

Red Sox Manager John Farrell

Advice For John Farrell

The Seat is Heating Up This Sox team and season is slowly setting a blaze. At this pace the beloved boys of summer are not going to make the playoffs and will most likely come in 3rd in the AL East if things don’t change so here are a couple of pro tips from a […]

Enough is Enough

Anything For a Story   Embed from Getty Images For those that don’t know me I despise the media, which seems rather contradicting since I write for this site. The media tends to be miserable and cut throat, hence “Anything For a Story”. I would rather deal with the on field mechanics of guys and […]

The Boston Bruins raise the 2011 Stanley Cup Champions banner

Jimmy Hayes Teaches Price a Lesson

The Code Image Via slidingsideways – Flickr Unknowlingy, or maybe he did actually know, Jimmy Hayes (formerly of the Bruins but always a Boston kid) taught David Price a lesson on how to man up. Michael Felger of the Boston Sports Hub today shared how over the weekend in Nantucket a big man (Jimmy Hayes) […]

David Price makes pitch to home plate

“Dennis Eckersley You Hurt My Feelings, Wah”- A Price Memoir

How Soft Are The Sox? I hate having to be so negative about my beloved Red Sox who I lose sleep over and fight trolls over BUT this 2017 team has me head butting my wall, staring in the mirror and re-evaluating everything I stand for. Embed from Getty Images In case you missed it, […]

Surprise, Surprise Another Chris Sale Article

The Man, The Myth, The Legend Embed from Getty Images Against the last batter he faced on the night, Chris Sale recorded his 9th K of the night and 200th of the season becoming the fastest AL pitcher EVER to reach 200 strikeouts. To put it into perspective, in Pedro’s record year of ’99 when […]

Fenway Park

Sweet Caroline Needs to Go

Real Hot Topic Embed from Getty Images This is a topic that has been talked about time after time and anybody who goes to Fenway for the actual game, not the Disney world experience that seems to be expected. The hot topic being that Sweet Caroline should not be played when things aren’t “so good, […]

Fenway Park during a day game

Red Sox Missing Identity

Who Are You? Embed from Getty Images 97 games into the season and the Boston Red Sox have yet to find or solidify their identity. I think a majority of Sox fans know the true identity is a base stealing, bunting, generating runs kind of squad but for some reason that just does not click […]

Fenway Park during a night game

No Surprise Here But…

Chris Sale Officially Named the ASG AL Starting Pitcher Embed from Getty Images There is dominance then there is what Sale has done so far for the Boston Red Sox. I’m pretty sure we have written more blogs on Sale alone more than anyone else. That is saying a lot because he had a lot […]