ALDS Game 3 Recap: Believe In Boston

Red Sox defeat Astros 10-3 in game 3 of the ALDS

Believe in Boston

The message from Hanley Ramirez was something he and his teammates took to heart today. They believed. Some fans may have had hope going into this game, but a lot didn’t, and for good reason. The Sox got swept in the ALDS last season and it looked inevitable that we were facing the same fate this season.

I bashed this team after game 2 in my review and basically said they were done. I am not one to usually write Boston teams off before it’s over, but I saw no life from this team. Luckily for all of Sox nation, this team showed us today that they still have that fire, they just needed it reignited.

The Red Sox Won’t Back Down

This game looked like it was over before it really even started as the Astros jumped out to a very early 3-0 lead. Fister couldn’t do anything and was pulled in the second inning. It was more of the same. It was a here we go again type feeling, until Mookie Betts did this.

The first time you really felt like something went the Red Sox way this series. You can even hear it in the crowd. That moment of dead silence like, “Did he just catc…HE GOT IT!!!”. From that moment on, you knew, this team wasn’t going down without a fight.

And that catch lead to this chills filled moment.

David Price: The Resurgence

After getting the bases loaded with no outs in the bottom of the inning, the Sox only managed to get one run. But, on came David Price. The Red Sox knight in shining armour. David Price let ’em drag today. Just an absolutely filthy performance. Without Price, the Red Sox are no longer in the postseason. It’s a crazy fact given the way Sox fans have felt about him, especially this season. After pitching strong in relief in game 2, Price came out in game 3 and pitched an incredible four scoreless innings of relief.

I saw and edge from Price, that I havn’t seen since he came to Boston. Price pitched with an F you attitude, something I have been wanting to see from him since he got here. I have always known he had the stuff, but felt he lacked the edge. He showed us all today that when he wants it, he can still be that dominant guy. He also did it with the most confidence I’ve seen from a Red Sox player this series.

Perhaps my favorite moment from this game was this.

Not only did David Price record the biggest strike out of the season and recieve a WELL DESERVED standing ovation, he showed that emotion that Red Sox fans have been dieing to see from this team after a small altercation at home plate.

The Offense Comes Alive

The energy from the crowd, their hope lingering inside Fenway, combined with the season saving catch from Mookie and the ongoing ballsy pitching performance from David Price, you knew it was only a matter of time before the offense truly made it’s first appearance of the postseason. That appearance came in the form of 20 year old Rafael Devers.

The kid absolutely crushed that one and you knew, we were not going home tonight. From that point on, it was all Red Sox. All the guys not named Xander Bogaerts seems to make an impact in this game. Hanley Ramirez is hotter than the Sun in this series. When he is locked in, the guy can hit everything and he is absolutely LOCKED in right now. Perfect timing Hanley, well done sir. Four hits on the day including two doubles. All of his hits were absolute ROCKETS off the barrel of the bat. Just a massive performance and we’ll need that again tomorrow.

Hanley was the one holding the believe in Boston flag before the game and I have never seen Hanley play with more emotion. I have never seen him so into the game and wanting to win so bad. I love it…Need more of it. Hanley was just a great leader tonight and it was awesome to see.

Time To Party

The Sox had a comfy 7-3 lead, but they wern;t done yet. JBJ officially made it time to party in Boston.

Just an icredible game all around from this team. As much as I complained after game 2 about them having no fight, they showed us tonight why they had the most come from behind wins this season.

Time To Keep The Momentum Rolling

We’ve seen the Red Sox make historic comebacks in past seasons, they have the chance to do it again this season. Give me game 4 baby, let’s go!!!

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