ALDS Game 2 Recap: The Red Sox Are Dead

Red Sox Manager John Farrell

This Red Sox team is my least favorite team in years. I’m more disappointed in this team right now than the recent ones that finished in last place. At least by mid July we accepted that those teams were terrible and we got to watch the young guys make their way into the Show. This year, this team strung you along for 93 wins and an AL East crown, just to show you it was all a hoax. This team blows. The pitching blows, the fielding blows, the manager blows.

Hitting: A Sharp Decline

One thing I did not realize until I saw Fox show the lineup today was that not one guy on this team hit over .300 this season. Quite the turn for the worse since last season.



Four guys over .300 in 2016 and nearly six with Bogaerts and Benintendi both very close, as well. The scary thing is that Ortiz is the only one of these guys that did not return for this season, That means every person performed worse this year. Guys like Mookie Betts, last years MVP runner up, barely seemed to make an impact. Xander Bogaerts might as well been Stephen Drew out there for goodness sake. Every single player’s home runs and RBI also went down from over a year ago. When your best hitter retires, the rest of you are expected to get better, not worse. Especially Hanley who basically was a non-factor this season. Just sad all around. When you look into the stats, you really wonder how this team won so many games.

Pitching: A Lingering Issue

We knew the big issue going into last postseason was the pitching and it appeared steps were taken to address that issue heading into this season, but not even close. Through two games every pitcher not named David Price has just been shelled. When your ace goes out and gets knocked around in game 1. you know you are in trouble. When your number 2, who looked like a Cy Young candidate at times this season goes out and does the same in game 2, you know you are done. David Price was the lone highlight of game 2. He actually gave me hope this team could win this game, but the rest of this team just crapped their pants.

Where Is The Fight?

The biggest thing this team had going for them heading into this postseason was their fight. They had lead the majors in come from behind wins and continually fought day in and day out. Every time they looked like they were done in games, they always made a comeback, especially in the last two months of the year. In the postseason though? Absolutely ZERO fight. NONE. ZIP. ZILCH. ZEEEEERRROOOOO. You can see it in their faces too. They get blitzed in game 1 and they’re like, “Here we go again it’s 2016 all over again.” I mean, this idiotic error is just a lack of focus here from Mookie. This team is completely out to lunch.

John Farrell

Speaking of out to lunch, how about John Farrell? The guy plays Nunez last night over Hanley and Nunez blows out a knee on his way to first to start the game. Nunez had two at bats in September and Hanley was finally starting to hit. Just a questionable move all around. So, once Nunez gets hurt, Farrell puts Chris Young on the roster and immediately inserts him into the starting lineup. I have no problem with Young playing, I like him, but if he is the next guy up, why the hell was he not on the roster to begin with?

I said it before the playoffs started that this postseason is either really good and we perform well or its’s really bad and Farrell get’s fired. To me, it’s a win, win. If we win that’s fantastic, but if we lose, don’t we kind of win because Farrell will most likely be fired? I have hated Farrell since I saw how well this team played for Torey Lovullo. That’s a guy I want managing this team. Too bad he is over in Arizona now. Nice going Dombrowski Dumbrowski.

As much as I want to right now, we’ll wait and see how the rest of this season plays out before we dive into who should go, who should stay and and who should be targeted for this team in the off season.

This team needs to take a good look in the mirror tonight and make the changes they need to so that they can bring some fight into Fenway Park on Sunday. If they fail, they better be ready to be booed out of the ballpark.

Game 3 is Sunday at Fenway with first pitch at 2:38.

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