ALDS Game 1 Recap

Astros Hit Like Harvey

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I am going to be frank, straight up and honest: Chris Sale sucked. Early on in the year we did not say that very often but for the past month or so we have said that far too often. He did not give us a chance from the get go but hear me out; Sandy Leon, although offensively helped, called a horrible game. I will be honest with you all, I am most likely smarter baseball wise than a lot of you so this may go over your head. That’s ok. On the Bregman home run they stayed away all AB then threw a slider inside that needs to be put in the ground, with no intention of staying in the strike zone. That home run was easily avoidable. That was early and when you jump out to early leads it gives you so much momentum. Another example of terrible game calling by Sandy was with Altuve’s 2nd homer. It was legit the same exact pitch as the first home run. The guy is the MVP and you’re gonna try to fool him with the same pitch? NOT HOW IT WORKS. Lastly, you know your pitchers slider is lacking and not biting as much as earlier in the year, SO WHY DO YOU KEEP CALLING IT? Help him out. Call more changeups in the dirt and fastballs that hit people because clearly they were very comfortable in that batters box.

One Positive

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The one takeaway from that game that we as Sox fans can be happy about is that the cardiac kids weren’t afraid of being down 2-0 early and scraped across some runs allow running into outs (Pedroia). While doing so, they managed to work Verlanders pitch count. I don’t expect much from this series so a win today will fire me up. Cowboy up!

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