Ever notice that the Boston sports media is made up of mostly grumpy older guys? We’re here to change that.

Boston Sports Report was started in February of 2017 and founded by Greg Romanko. It started as just a thought that didn’t have much behind it. But, one thing led to another and the desire to bring Boston Sports Report to life was realized. Dedicated to giving fans of the Celtics, Red Sox, Patriots and Bruins the most up to date information and deep analysis on performances and moves, Boston Sports Report wants to become one of the go-to places for people to read about the best sports city in the world. We feel that the media landscape is made up mainly of an older generation and we want to be a younger voice for Boston fans. We want to bring you the best coverage in an entertaining and engaging way. The BSR way, if you will.

Authors Bios

Greg Romanko-

I am the founder of this website and I did it because I’m a diehard Sox, Celtics and Pats fan. My girlfriend once told me she would never make me as happy as the Patriots did when they beat the Falcons in the Super Bowl, I wasn’t sure how to respond. I have just graduated from Bridgewater State University where I majored in management and was a 2 year captain of the basketball team. Basketball is the sport that I’ve spent almost my entire life playing. It has given me opportunities that I never would have dreamed of otherwise such as playing for a state championship, playing at the TD Garden, or practicing at Duke’s historic Cameron Indoor Stadium. This whole blogging thing has always been an interest of mine, but it wasn’t until recently where I really decided to give it a go. Hopefully I can create content that you will enjoy.

Billy Brunstrom-

I am a 22 year old college kid with a deep rooted love for Boston sports. Baseball has forever been my favorite sport and the Red Sox sure make it fun to be a baseball fan from Boston. Tom Brady and Bill Belichick are some of my biggest inspirations in life and I am not ashamed to say David Ortiz has made me cry on SEVERAL occasions. Old school C’s and B’s will always mean more to me than present day but I still love them too!

Kyle “Beans” Palladino-

22 year old college graduate who has sports writing in his blood (my father was a part-time sports writer). I am a Boston Sports fanatic who lives for everything Red Sox, Pats, Celtics, and playoff Bruins. David Ortiz will always be my favorite player and he is just as much of a GOD as Tom Brady.